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  1. About Direct Mail pricing
  2. About Direct Mail's free plan
  3. About the money back guarantee
  4. About the Pay Per Email plan
  5. About the SMTP plan
  6. About the Unlimited plan
  7. Can I use Direct Mail on more than one computer?
  8. Canceling your Unlimited plan
  9. Creating a Direct Mail account
  10. e3 Software does not collect VAT
  11. Enabling SMTP Access
  12. Finding out how many email addresses you've sent to this month
  13. If your credit card is declined
  14. If your purchase fails with "Unknown Error"
  15. Looking up your available email credit balance
  16. Purchasing email credits
  17. Switching to the Pay Per Email plan
  18. Switching to the Unlimited plan
  19. Updating your billing information
  20. Upgrading from Direct Mail 2 to Direct Mail 4
  21. Viewing prices in your local currency
  22. Viewing purchase receipts (invoices)
  23. Which billing plan is best?