Stamps Updated for iOS 11, Now with “Offline Mode” and More!

Hot on the heels of our big Direct Mail 5 update, we are happy today to announce some great improvements to our iOS app, Stamps! Stamps is a quick and easy way to check your email campaign reports on the go, sign up new subscribers to your mailing lists, view mobile previews of your emails as you design them, and more. Oh, and it’s free! Here are some of the new improvements now available in Stamps 1.5.

Offline Mode

Stamps makes it easy to turn your iPad (or iPhone) into a mobile, self-serve kiosk that people can use to sign up to your mailing list. Use it on the trade show floor, in store at the checkout counter, at events, or anywhere you want to grow your list.

Offline mode makes it easy to capture new subscribers, even when an internet connection is not available.

New in Stamps is the ability to collect new sign-ups even when an internet connection is unavailable (or too expensive). When you enable “offline mode”, your subscribe form looks and works just like normal, but without the need for an internet connection. Later, when a connection to the internet becomes available, disable offline mode and Stamps will sync your subscribers back to Direct Mail automatically in the background.

Updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X

Every aspect of Stamps has been optimized for the latest version of iOS, and the latest Apple devices, including new iPads and iPhone X. Enjoy large color thumbnails of your email campaigns, 3D Touch previews, dynamic type, Safari integration, and more. If you’re near your Mac, the Handoff feature makes it super easy to take the campaign report you’re looking at on screen in Direct Mail and move it to your phone (and vice-versa).

Additional Features

Other useful improvements include the ability to delete projects and reports from Stamps that you no longer need (just swipe to the left), the addition of search fields to the Projects list and Subscribe Forms list, as well as support for two-factor authentication for your Direct Mail account.

How to Get It

If you’ve already got Stamps installed on your iPhone or iPad, the App Store should automatically update it for you. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can search for “Stamps for Direct Mail” in the App Store, or click this link.

Direct Mail is Compatible with macOS High Sierra

macOS 10.13 High Sierra launches today. For those considering upgrading, rest assured that Direct Mail is fully compatible with the new operating system from Apple. For best results, we recommend upgrading to Direct Mail 5, which is the latest version available. Direct Mail upgrades are free of charge, and you’ll see extra performance and stability improvements as you stay up-to-date. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Direct Mail 5 is Here!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of Direct Mail 1.0. It is remarkable to consider all that has changed since 2002, and what better way to mark this milestone than by releasing our latest and greatest update: Direct Mail 5.0! This is a big one.

In this release, we revisited and revamped many of the core features that you use most often. There are, of course, new features, but the primary goal was to make your every day experience using the app even more productive and enjoyable than it is now. We hope you find that these changes save you time, save you headache, and help you stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we take a look at a few of the notable improvements. Instructions on how to upgrade (for free!) can be found at the end.

New Template Editor

Direct Mail’s template editor has always been easy to use, but it was not as flexible as some customers would have liked. The new editor retains that ease of use, but allows for much for customization. It is super easy to add, remove, rearrange, and customize each and every element of our new, modern templates—all with the peace of mind that unlimited undo brings.

New template editor in Direct Mail 5

You can even build your own templates from the ground up, no HTML knowledge required. Images, text, video, buttons, and more can be dropped into a variety of layouts with one click. New text styles will help your message retain consistent, clean formatting from top to bottom.

Unlike before, templates built with the new editor will look great on all screen sizes, and even adapt to notoriously difficult email clients like Outlook. Professional typography and color selections will make your content stand out in a crowded inbox. Power users can take advantage of new conditional sections that show or hide their content based on the recipient or device the message is viewed on.

Expanded Template Gallery

Direct Mail 5 ships with over 50 brand new modern templates, each one 100% customizable, and each one optimized for popular desktop, mobile, and web email clients. You are sure to find a template that fits the occasion. Already have a favorite template? No worries, all of your existing templates are still available in the app.

New template gallery in Direct Mail 5

Speaking of finding templates, the new template chooser features larger thumbnails, a bigger viewing area, and a search box for easier navigation.

New Integrations Directory

Direct Mail has long supported useful integrations with third-party apps and web services, but those integrations were not always easy to discover. New in Direct Mail 5 is a one-stop-shop window for discovering all the ways that you can connect Direct Mail to the other apps and services you already use.

New integrations directory window in Direct Mail 5

Nobody likes manually syncing mailing lists, or doing repetitive work that could be automated away. Take a look in the new Integrations window to see if an integration already exists that could save you time. And if you don’t see one fits your needs, please let us know!

Google Analytics logo

While we’re on the topic, one notable new integration is Google Analytics. Now when you send an email campaign, you can automatically have the links in your message tagged for Google Analytics. If you use Google Analytics on your website, this can give you greater insight into what email campaign links are driving visitors to your site.


Built-in Image EditingImage editor popover

If an image or logo in your email needs a few tweaks, there is no longer any need to find a designer or figure out an image editing app. Direct Mail makes it easy to perform a variety of common image editing operations, like removing backgrounds, cropping photos, or adding filters. With just a few clicks, you images will look their very best.

Improved Design Test Experience and Pricing

The Design Test tool has been revamped to give you precise control over what email clients to test (over 50 available!), to return screenshots up to 4× faster, and to allow quicker and easier navigation of your test results (including zoom and gesture support). What’s more, design tests are now included for no extra charge in both the Unlimited Plan and the Pay Per Email Plan! You’ll sleep better knowing your latest and greatest design looks as good in Outlook as it does in Gmail.

Speed Boost

One of the improvements that we are most excited about is one you cannot see. Direct Mail 5 brings big performance gains when working with larger lists, and big speed boosts to the cloud sync process. You should notice a snappier experience and less time (or no time) looking at a spinning beachball.

One More Thing…

There is just too much to pack into one blog post. Our features page contains more information (and the release notes contain the nitty gritty detail), but here are few more improvements to note:

  • An enhanced Spam Test window now helps you find and fix more mistakes (like bad or missing links) before they are sent out to your entire list.
  • Importing Excel files is now faster and easier—no CSV required.
  • Autoresponders can now be saved as drafts and duplicated, for easier creation of multi-step automation workflows.
  • Handy editing and navigation options now appear in the Touch Bar (on supported Macs).
  • Social sharing options have been expanded, and you can now customize how your email is displayed in social media feeds.
  • Two-Factor authentication for your Direct Mail account is now supported for tighter security, and custom DKIM signing keys can be set up for your email campaigns.

Get It Now

Direct Mail 5 is available immediately, at no extra charge, to all of our customers who are running macOS 10.11 or newer. To upgrade, open Direct Mail and choose Direct Mail > Check for Software Update from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of "Check for Software Update" menu item

If you’ve downloaded Direct Mail from the App Store, your Mac will update automatically (or you can check for updates in the App Store app). Direct Mail 5 is fully compatible with the forthcoming macOS High Sierra.

If you’re new to Direct Mail, you can download it now (for free!) by clicking the Download Now button at the top of this page.

Here’s to 15 More

One thing that has not changed since 2002 is our commitment to help customers grow their businesses, inspire their communities, and expand their reach through excellent email marketing tools. We hope you find that this update helps you accomplish those goals even faster. We also want to sincerely thank each every one our customers for making the past fifteen years possible. We literally could not have done it without you. Here’s to 15 more!

Direct Mail 5 is Coming!

Yes! Direct Mail 5 is almost here! We cannot wait to share with you all of the new and improved features that are coming in this release—it’s gonna be big. Of course, we want to make sure that the update is a smooth experience for all of our users. To that end, we are currently accepting sign-ups for anyone that would like to help us beta test Direct Mail 5.0 before we release it to the public. If you are interested in helping us test (and like to live life on the edge), please sign up here.

Direct Mail Now Ready for macOS 10.12 Sierra

macOS 10.12 Sierra

Just a few moments ago we pushed the big, red LAUNCH button and released the latest version of Direct Mail to all of our customers worldwide. The primary purpose of this version (4.3.7) is to ensure compatibility with Apple’s latest and greatest operating system, macOS 10.12 Sierra. If you are planning on upgrading to Sierra (and we hope you are!), then you’ll want to make sure and update your copy of Direct Mail right away. Here’s how:

  1. Open Direct Mail
  2. Choose Direct Mail > Check for Software Update from the menu bar at the top of your screen

That’s it!

Other notable improvements in this release include up to faster cloud syncing, a more responsive user interface, and some critical bug fixes. For more details, please take a look at the release notes.

Note: If you downloaded Direct Mail from the Mac App Store, you should get the update in a few days, pending Apple’s approval. Thanks for your patience! The update is now available for Mac App Store customers, as well!

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